Announcement: LCRC Radio Rally Nov 7th at the Radisson Blu Hotel Limerick

The Limerick and Clare Amateur Radio Club is holding a Radio Rally on November 7th 2021 at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick. A wide range of used radio equipment and accessories will be available for sale on the day. Link here to the Market Place for equipment for sale. Additional items will be added prior to rally.

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel, Ennis Road, Limerick
Eircode: V94 YA2R
Door Open: 11am
Admission: €5

What is Amateur Radio?

The Limerick and Clare Amateur Radio Club is for everyone interested in radio in the Mid-West and surrounding counties. Many members are amateur license holders, and many are not licensed but interested in radio or planning to study for the license exam. Amateur Radio, which also known as "Ham Radio", is a worldwide hobby or interest which allows licensed individuals to transmit on homemade and commercial radio equipment, using homemade or commercial antennas.

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Amateur Radio can be used to talk across town, around the world or even into space. It's fun, social, educational, and can be a lifeline during times of need. Amateur Radio is governed by the International Telecommunications Union and also, in Ireland, by the Communications Regulator (ComReg).

The Radio Club was founded in 1946 by a group of Radio and Electronic enthusiasts. The Club meet regularly for lectures and demonstrations on radio topics. It undertakes various activities, during the year such as Contests. Field Days, Islands On The Air, International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekends etc.

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QSL Card The club can advise and run courses to enable individuals to sit the Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination Certificate course, which is requirement for operating an Amateur Radio Station.

On passing the examination, the successful candidate will be issued with a licence and personal call sign. Amateur radio operators are permitted to use various methods of communication such as voice, Morse code and data.

About the Limerick and Clare Amateur Radio Club

The Limerick and Clare Amateur Radio Club represents the interests of amateur radio in the mid-west Region of Ireland. The Club is affiliated to the national society for radio amateurs in Ireland - the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS), which is the member for Ireland of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU).

Officers and Committee

  • Chairman: Dermot Gleeson
  • Hon. Secretary: Michael Kirwan
  • Hon. Treasurer: Liam Rainford
  • Committee Members:
  • Michael Kingston
  • Albert Price
  • Brendan Kilmartin
  • Johnny Phelan
  • Trustees:
  • Dermot Gleeson
  • Gerry Gervin
  • Simon Kenny
  • QSL Manager:
  • Albert Price

IRTS Radio News Bulletin

The IRTS Radio News Bulletin is broadcast every Monday night on the Limerick Radio Club repeater on the 70 cm band 433.125 output and 434.725 input. This is a repeat transmission of the news bulletin of the previous day on HF. The local transmission commences at 20:00 local time and is read in rotation by Simon EI7ALB and Harry EI2KL.

Radio Hobbies and Electronics Fair

The club has run a very successful Radio Hobbies and Electronics Fair in March/April each year. This fair was first mooted by Michael Kingston EI2IX in 1987 and was continued to the present time by subsequent Chairmen. Since its inception it has proved to be a major radio event in the country each year.

Contests and Field Days

Club members take part in various contests/field days each year using the club call-signs EI4LCRC/EJ0A. For special events, such as the International Lighthouse week-end on the 3rd Sunday of August, the club obtains a special call-sign EI0LHL to operate from Loop Head Lighthouse. Thanks to Clare County Council and the Commissioners for Irish Lights, the club has continued to operate from Loop Head for the IL&LS weekend.


The club operates two voice/digital repeaters. The 2 meter repeater, on 145.725 MHz, is located on an elevated site near Ballina, County Tipperary, while the 70 cms repeater on 433.125 MHz, is located to the west of the city on Woodcock Hill, County Clare. Both repeaters have been recently upgraded to the Yaesu Digital Fusion system, C4FM. The repeaters operate in carrier only access with Automatic Mode selection (AMS).

Location Call Channel Output Input Access
Ballina (Currently Off Air)
EI2TAG R5 145.725 145.125  
Woodcock Hill EI7WHR RB5 433.125 434.725  
Location Ballina Woodcock Hill
Channel R5 RB5
Output 145.725 433.125
Input 145.125 434.725

Club Subscription

Club Subs for 2020 are now due. Payment can be made to the Treasurer. Please note that only fully paid up club members will continue to receive text alerts and emails re club activities. Membership renewal application form here.

Club Membership

Anyone wishing to join the Limerick Clare Amateur Radio Club can complete the application form here and contact the club secretary via the contact details above.